According to a Human Development report by the United Nations with data from 2005, Ethiopia ranked 169th out of 177 developing countries for which data was collected in the calculation of a composite index measuring overall well-being. This included financial income, life expectancy, education and standard of living. (
To further compound the challenge, Soddo is in one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia. There is no Medicare or Medicaid to catch those who “fall through the cracks.” Indeed, that includes the majority of the people. Many people have to choose between food and clothes so medical care is often very difficult to obtain, especially for those members of the community with the least means such as women and children. One way we are trying to help these people is by use of a Benevolent Fund to offset the cost of caring for those who cannot afford it. This is funded from charitable giving and is completely dependent on gifts from people like you. If you feel led to contribute to the Benevolent Fund, please visit the hospital web site ( where gifts can be given online or mailed in to the given address.