This weekend Ethiopia added one surgeon to its country of almost 85 million people. 

Plus one!

Dr. Daniel our 6th graduate from PAACS Ethiopia since 2009, will return to his home town as an accredited and certified surgeon. 

How will the plus one make a difference?…

Plus one will average 10 to 20 major operations each week.  Plus one will treat each patient with compassion and care.  Plus one who share the gospel of Jesus with countless patients and their families.  Plus one will be a leader in his home and in his community.  Many will travel days to reach the hospital, not to be turned away because there is no surgeon, but to be taken in and treated by that plus one.

This is what we are here for, to train and disciple these doctors who will go out and change the statistics of a nation, one at a time.  

Congratulations, Dr. Daniel!


Paul and I with Daniel and his wife Chaltu.


Dr. Daniel with the faculty that trained him, (from left to right) Dr. Chi Chung (General surgery MCM in Addis), Dr. Mark Karnes (OB/GYN Soddo), Dr. Jon Pollock (General surgery MCM), Dr. Chang (vascular MCM), Dr. Daniel, Dr.Kim (OB/GYN MCM), Paul Gray and Dr. David Hardin (General surgery Soddo)