A few weeks ago, all of the PAACS residents across the 6 programs in Africa took their annual end of the year exam.  After the test, Paul and I stayed up late inserting letters into the score sheet to try and get a peak at how the guys did.  It was evident that they did well, but I didn’t know how well they did until we got the PAACS bulletin and saw the following article highlighting many of our PAACS Ethiopia residents….  

“The annual PAACS in-service exam for the PAACS residents was held the first weekend of July. Forty residents sat the exam. The overall passage rate was 15 of 20 on the senior level and 15 of 20 on the junior level. All but one of the substandard scores were close to the benchmark and it is expected that they will perform adequately on the remediation exam scheduled for the last Saturday of August.


Residents at Soddo Christian Hospital, part of PAACS-Ethiopia, prepare to take their written PAACS exam.

The highest score on the senior exam was Elijah Mwaura, a fourth year resident of Tenwek, followed closely by Dejene Desalegn, a third year resident of PAACS-Ethiopia. The highest score on the junior exam was Moges Mulu of PAACS-Ethiopia just ahead of John Kanyi of Tenwek. For the first year residents, Efeson Thomas and Surafel Mulatu, both of PAACS Ethiopia, tied for the highest score.

The KR-20 score, a measure of reliability for examinations, was .90 for the junior exam and .79 for the senior exam. The test was written to a pre-established blueprint to assure validity.”  ~ PAACS Bulletin August 2013

We are so proud of the guys because of all the hard work they took to prepare for the exam.  There were several Saturday afternoons where I found them all in the library studying together.  If you would like to sign up for the PAACS Bulletin emails click here!