The story below tells of a little boy that I posted about on facebook last week.  The truth is, his story represents so many similar stories.  Maybe some are little girls, or strapping young men.  Maybe some are affected by cancer, or by disease due to dirty drinking water.  Maybe there are some you never hear about, or some who never make it to the hospital.  But they are all here, they are all real.  So, we are sharing this little boys story, not only to benefit him, but to help the many.  

Jeremy wrote the child’s story on their blog and I have attached it here below.

“From time to time, we get patients whose condition is so heartbreaking, and yet there is a way forward.  It’s just that the way forward is difficult, expensive, and usually both.Yesterday, we had a two-month-old little boy come in to the ER with severe burns to his body.  His bed sheets had tragically caught on fire, and caused deep tissue burns to his torso, right arm and right leg.”

“We see a fair number of children with burns here.  Some are so severe that there’s nothing we can do.  But this child’s life could be saved.  Our general surgeon, Paul, performed the initial debriding (cleaning the wounds) and escharotomy (releasing some of the burned tissue) to improve blood flow to the right hand.  But the child will be best served in Addis at our sister hospital where there is a plastic surgeon with a lot of experience with severe burn patients.As is usually the case with burn patients here, and especially children, this family is desperately poor.  The care for this child will be upwards of several thousand US dollars, as he will be in the hospital for a while and require multiple operations and skin grafts.  The family of this child likely has an income of near one to two dollars per day, putting the care which is needed far out of their reach.  As a hospital we would like to cover the costs for this family including their operations here, in Addis, and transport to Addis.”

Will you help us subsidize this little boy’s hospital costs?  Soddo Christian Hospital raises money for patients who can’t afford their care through a Benevolent Fund.  100% of the money given to the Fund will come to Ethiopia to directly pay for patients’ care.  You can give to this boy and so many others online through this link of our mission agency, Global Outreach.  After you click “Support” and enter your information, you will be able to designate the money for the “Benevolent Fund”.  

Thank you to so many who have already helped! Please pray for the recovery of this child and so many others we are treating every day!