One of the great things about working here is all of the people we get to meet as they pass through Soddo or come to help out at SCH.  We have had some pretty amazing people come to work and serve along side of us.

We recently had a general surgeon visit us from Norway.  Bjarte came a year ago with his family and he was able to visit again this past month.   He came back to cover for Paul and work and train the PAACS residents.  During his time here he was gracious to let us leave for a week.   He also traveled with Olaf , the best handy man we’ve ever met.  I had saved a box of broken things for him and he fixed it all!  Including, several power regulators, a fan, even a Nikon camera!

Here is their blog and a few letters from their time in Soddo. ..

Week 1 Letter

Week 2 Letter

Their foundation is called Tesfa, which in Amharic means hope.  Here is a quote about why they chose that name.

So, the essence of medicine is “”To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always” . That is why we are here, in everything we do to give to our patients hope (tesfa) of health and hope (tesfa) of salvation.

He enjoyed working with the PAACS residents and we look forward to having him come back again soon.

Thanks, Bjarte!  And Olaf!