Dear friends and family,


Thank you again for your prayers. The family is doing well. We slipped away on Saturday night for a family meal at Day Star, the swankiest restaurant in Soddo. I always laugh inside at the sight of the huge statue of three rearing, anatomically correct stallions when you walk in the front gate. But, it’s good (decent) food, okay, not nearly as good as Becca’s. But it is a nice reprieve from a day in the kitchen and washing a bunch of dishes. Nathan ate tibs like a true habasha, wolfing down the roasted meat with his injera. Lydia was also in true form, so distracted by things to look at that she could barely stay in her chair, much less eat.

I don’t have a whole lot to share this week. I feel rather numb and sort of worn out on the inside. This week was a little less busy than last week, but we had plenty of cases to do. The hardest part has been the daily dose of one or two cases that I’ve never done or seen before. It is fatiguing. By God’s grace, most cases have gone well. Amateur hour continues. But we are helping more people than not, so we’ll keep working at it (and keep looking forward to the real orthopedic surgeon returning).

Please continue to pray for the young woman who had the chest surgery for infection. She has a persistent air leak and will most likely require another operation. I am frankly terrified about taking her back, especially since I’m probably going to have to resect a lobe of her lung. I assisted a few of those in training and know enough to know that I’m woefully inexperienced. Dissecting fragile vessels that are carrying half the output of the heart is scary enough in healthy tissue, but it is very daunting to imagine doing it in her chest, at our institution, with our resources. Please pray that we make the right decision.

There is also a baby who was born premature that was able to go home today.  The baby and his mother were in the hospital for 7 weeks and towards the end he was gaining weight consistently.  Becca was visiting the mom and baby to make sure all were eating well.  Before the mom had the baby, she went to several clinics who told her to abort the baby because of a health problem she was having.  Her and her husband didn’t agree so they came here, to the Christian Hospital.  Our OBs were able to deliver the baby safely and now they are both healthy.  She named the baby resurrection, because she was told the baby would die, but then he came to life.

This week MCM will begin the general surgery rotations for 3 residents.  Please pray for the guys as PAACS gets rolling in force at Myungsung. Surafel, one of our new residents, left this afternoon for Addis. He will join Daniel and Segni for rotations at MCM. Please continue to pray for Jon Pollock and Chi Chung as things get started.

I love you all,

Paul for the family