Dear friends and family,

We had a very nice and restful time in Hawassa this weekend. We are thankful to God for the opportunity to get away. Jon Pollock came down and covered for the weekend and I am very grateful. Shortly after arriving in Hawassa, I received a phone call from the surgery lounge from our “chief” resident (nearing the end of his second year) that another child had arrived that had aspirated a foreign body. Thankfully he wasn’t in distress and Jon was able to pull it out when he arrived about an hour later. It sounds like it was a fairly full weekend, so I’m thankful for the chance to dodge it.

It was special to spend dedicated time with the family. The kids had a great time and it was good to have more time with Becca. As we were driving back, we were listening to some praise music and I thought about how I much I need worship. I need to often run to the Lord and drink deeply of Him. It is easy to let the demands of service crowd that out. And I personally have a tendency to initially run to other things when I’m stretched thin and worn out, such as a video game or a book or something. I think I sometimes view worship as something that requires fullness instead of replenishing it. So I try to recreate with other things in order to have time/energy for worship. The problem is I usually don’t have the surplus here to do that well. But if the words we sing are true, then God should be our recreation and our shelter to which we run. Anyway, something more to consider. Of course, I think about this in a time of relative rest…

 Please pray for the family this week. We are trying to be good parents but we need wisdom. It can be so challenging to know how to discipline. I am praying that God would give Nathan a sensitive and caring heart. He is pretty oblivious to the misfortune of others (though quite tuned into his own).

 The people from Myungsung Christian Medical Center, including Chi and Jon, are coming to Soddo this week for a white coat/foot washing ceremony for our three new residents. The ceremony will be on Wednesday and I have a challenging caseload this week.  Please pray for me today. I am going to work on a complex facial fracture and I’m very nervous. After this one, I have another one, probably for tomorrow. This guy was holding onto the back of a moving vehicle and hopped off. The injury pattern is usually the same: their feet hit the ground at “x” kilometers per hour and their face immediately follows suit. He has horrible fractures of his lower and upper jaws with lots of missing teeth and smashed bone. I usually use the teeth to wire things together, so this will complicate the issue. I also have some difficult orthopedic cases that I need to do… same prayer request.

 We love you all. Thank you so much for your prayers. They really do matter and they are being felt.

 Paul, for the family