Well, we have been in the states for a month now.  It has been great!  We have settled into a perfect little apartment in Dallas.  The kids are enjoying school and we are loving reconnecting with old friends and new friends.

The weather in Dallas has been amazing.  Really beautiful, almost as good as weather as Ethiopia, but in Texas you know it won’t last.  We have been having lots of picnics with the kids and playing at all the great parks.

Nathan and Lydia have really done a great job at transitioning.  They still ask about Ethiopia and ask for “Genu” (what they call Etagainu).  They are some what overstimulated by normal things here in America.  For instance, being in the car is like going on a safari for them.  They point out every “bridge” (basically every single underpass we drive under), and every big truck or shiny sports car.  We had only been here a few days when Nathan asked, “where are all the people on the road?” Cute.

For me, I keep forgetting that I can go up to people and talk to them in English and they will understand me.  I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of choices for salad dressing. I am loving un-interruptable fast internet. I am amazed by the infrastructure of America, the interstates, the flowing water, the credit card machines, phones that are smarter than me…way smarter.  I am humbled by all the people who haven’t forgotten us. I am encouraged by all of the support and I am excited to be here for another few months!

We are working on how we communicate and keep up with people while we are in Soddo.  We are considering starting an emailed newsletter or something to get more information out effectively.  It will most likely be a combination of ways and we will still do the mailed newsletter every few months, but would love to get your opinion. There is a survey below…just for fun!