It is amazing to see things happening here at the hospital.  We have been here at Soddo Christian Hospital for almost 4 years.  That sounds like a long time.  When we first came we quickly saw the incredible need to have the residents live on campus.  They currently take in house call, and our most senior resident lives on campus and takes second call from home.  I have loved having at least one resident on the compound.  It has given us a chance to do more things together.  Our kids play together, we eat together, we get to meet each others famlies, you get to see how they open their home to other residents and friends, you here their times of celebration, and you can stop by for tea or coffee depending on what time of day it is.

Well, after 4 years of praying and seeking God and asking for help…we are able to build the PAACS resident apartments on campus.  The building was originally designed to be 3 stories with about 20 apartments.  We are going to build half of it to 2 stories for now.  God has provided the money through many of you and a grant, to build 7 apartments.  We are so excited and praise Him for his provision and plan.

Last week we had a time of prayer and dedication to the property.  Here are many of the people who were there, starting from the top left:  Pastor Daniel (are head chaplain), Dr. Seigni (2nd year resident), Dr. Daniel (4th year), Dr. Dejene (2nd year), Dr. Moges (1st year), Dr. Ruth (Moges’ wife and internist at the hospital), Cissy (Dr. Ronald’s wife who is a 1st year and was handling an emergency at the time), Ato Desalegn (head administrator), Dr. Anderson (orth surgeon and Field Director), Jackie Anderson.  Now from the bottom left: Not sure his name (he works with Cornerstone the Ethiopian company who is contracted to build the building), Melaku (the main contractor with Cornerstone), Jeff (architect with Maasada), Paul (my handsome husband, who’s prayers are getting checked off as we saw this happen), me, Dr. Bruce Steffes (CEO of PAACS, who was in Soddo for a visit).

Here is the piece of land, staked out for building.  We will keep posting as it progresses!