Hey everyone,

Apparently Rugby is a big deal in South Africa.  Did you know that today starts the World Cup 2011 or Rugby?  Everyone in most of the city is in matching forest green jerseys or t-shirts.

Paul had one small fever last night, but is doing well today, he hasn’t had any more fevers so far this evening.  We have had one further possible development…we realized yesterday the doctor who had been seeing Paul was a Rhemotologist (auto-immune).  We didn’t realize until discharge that that is what kind of doctor she was and she was really good at what she does, but she was not what we needed.  We have talked to the evacuation company that referred us here and they were fairly upset as well, to hear that we hadn’t been seeing the doctor they wanted us to see…apparently, he/she has been out of town?  So they didn’t know that we hadn’t been properly worked up either.

So, they are working hard now to try and get us in to see an Infectious disease specialist before we travel back to Ethiopia.  At least in an outpatient setting, we can hopefully see a specialist.  PLEASE PRAY THAT WE CAN GET IN TO SEE AN I.D. DOCTOR EARLY NEXT WEEK.

On the bright side, Paul does feel better currently, but as you know this has been a huge up and down roller coaster, so we are still kind of anxious about what could happen.  Don’t worry, we are keeping our eye on God; having faith that he has brought us through this and he is with us every step of the way.

There was a young man at the hospital ward who was so nice to us. he was so helpful and you could tell that he really thought very highly of Paul.  Paul was able to share with him before he left the hospital about Jesus and about the hope that is in him.  As we drove out of the hospital, Paul said, that would be reason enough to travel all the way down here, just to tell that young man that God loves him.

We are hoping to get Paul out of the house tomorrow morning for a short outing, he is getting slightly depressed after being in bed for 2 weeks.  So pray that he enjoys himself and that he will be able to have enough strength.

love to all,  Becca