Hello to all who are following this little blog and this big ordeal.  Paul got home from the hospital today.  He didn’t have any more fevers last night.  So he is fever free for 36 hours now.  There are still no direct answers, but there is no reason to keep someone in the hospital who looks fine and is afebrile. He does look a whole lot better from the time we drove to Addis (over a week ago) and especially from when I left him to get on the plane to South Africa.  Honestly, since we left Ethiopia the only medicine he has gotten is tylenol and IV fluid.  He got something else on the airplane, but that is all.  Maybe God was just wanting to show Himself bigger than modern medicine? Of course, there is a chance that this could come back.  His fevers could come back.  Please pray against this specifically.

He is now at the home we have been staying at and he is resting peacefully. He is very weak, but is eating and drinking and does not feel nauseated.  The kids were very excited to see him. We are planning on staying here until at least Monday to make sure the fevers do not come back.  There has still never been a test that has been positive for any type of disease, bacteria, parasite…etc.

The hospital we were at was very nice.  All of the staff was very helpful and we were in a room nicer than most hotel rooms.  There are many people that have helped us endure all of this, we will name some by name at a later date, but for now THANK YOU!

We are excited to have Paul home and pray that he will be home for a while, although, he did say that even if this is just a few day break from the hospital, that would be nice too.

I was able to take Nathan for an ice cream date today, so that was fun to spend some time with just him.  We also went to the grocery store, which is filled with millions of options.  Other things that we have enjoyed in Johannesburg so far, pizza, play dates, pilates class, real grocery stores.  The kids have been swimming, jumping on trampolines, visiting talking parrots, playing in jungle gyms and eating cheddar cheese and apples.

Thanks for all of the prayers and love!  love, Becca and Paul