Paul made it to the hospital and was admitted to Sunninghill Hospital, last night around 1am local time.  When I walked in to the hospital today, I had no idea what to expect.  He was so weak when i left him to get on the plane.  But today when i walked into his room, he looked much better.  He was sitting up a little and had eaten and was not febrile. I was there from 4pm until 7pm and he was able to have a conversation with me the entire time.  He hardly had the energy to answer one question when we left Ethiopia.  No magic tricks yet.  They still don’t have a diagnosis.  All labs are normal.  We are waiting on the results from the micro lab that could test for different types of infection.  He did have a CT of abd and chest (with contrast) today and we should have the results to that in the morning. The only meds he is on is IV fluid and IV paracetamol (tylenol) scheduled .  Pray for the test results, Pray for his arm (he had an IV infiltrate his arm and it is very red).  Also, i should say he really likes his doctor and is very impressed with the hospital. 

The kids and I are doing well. We are well taken care of.  We have a house with a sweet, sweet family to stay with and there is even a church from here bringing food to the house.  AMAZING!  I will write more about that later.  But God is providing and He is a BIG God.  I want to write so much more, but am very tired.  I will leave you with one story.

A few minutes after Paul and I found out he would need to be medically evacuated to South Africa,   i sat there next to him on the hospital bed in Ethiopia and just cried.  I said, “I want to be home.”  He said, “This is where the rubber meets the road, huh?”  “Yes” I said with tears in my eyes.  And he said, “But it is worth it.” And it is the truth.  If this is where God wants us, then this the best place we can be and even in times of suffering, it is worth it. 

Thanks for your prayers and love.  I have felt it and felt the prayers all along the way.  Love, Becca