Well, many of you know that I have been with Paul in Addis for several days.  Paul was admitted to Myungsung Christian Hospital on Wednesday night.  He had been sick at home since last Saturday, and when he got worse on Wednesday we decided to drive to Addis.  The kids have been at home with some friends, which has been a huge blessing, to not have to worry about them.

Here is the short story:  We were admitted due to prolonged high fevers, aches, pains, headache and possible malaria.  When we first arrived they checked everything…Malaria, blood work, chest x ray all was negative or normal…so they did a CT scan of the head, ultrasound of the belly, lumbar puncture (to rule out meningitis)…and all of that was negative for diagnosis as well.

The overall picture now…Paul seems to be getting better overall, but he is still having high fevers.  Still no sign of what is causing it.  He has been treated for malaria with 2 different drugs and now is on an oral antibiotic and an IV antibiotic.

Please pray for him. Pray for complete healing from whatever is causing the fevers.

I am going home tomorrow to the kids, he will stay in the hospital and our friend and colleague, Asle, will be here in Addis for whatever he needs. (like going to buy your own drugs, we have done this for 2 of the 4 drugs he has been on)

We may possibly need to transfer out of the country for further care.  Pray for wisdom regarding these decisions if it comes to that.

That is the short version of the story.  The short answer is: pray. We believe God works through peoples prayers.  Thanks for being a part of His work!

Love, Becca for Paul