Nathan and I were looking at a world map the other day and I pointed to where we live and where the rest of our family lives.  (The map may not be the most accurate???  I did buy it off the street for about 2 bucks and Ethiopia seems to be right in the middle, but at least Africa was correctly represented as way bigger than America.)  I was telling Nathan that some of our family is going to come and visit us soon (uncontained excitement spilling out right now!!!).  Nathan knew that in order to see our family we would drive in a car to Addis and daddy would go to the airport and pick them up after they drove in their car and took 2 plane rides (long plane rides) over the ocean.  WOW, his world view is a lot bigger than mine was at the ripe age of 3 1/2.

These thoughts can be overwhelming at times, but mostly we just go with it.  I often have dreams that my 2 worlds have collided and magically my family or friends or entire church building are here in Ethiopia or Ethiopia happens to also be in Dallas, Texas.  But then, I wake up with the realization that to be back there would take at least 2 days and after the moment of feeling a little bit trapped way over here, I remember that this is also where life happens.

I am very excited that a few worlds will be colliding in a little over a month, when my mom and dad come for 3 weeks and even my sister will be here for 1 of those weeks!  YAY! The 4 of us haven’t been altogether since before Lydie was born.  The “4 of us” being the nuclear family, mom, dad and 2 sisters!

So, until then, at least we get to do this…

This is us skyping for Lydia’s birthday with my parents.  They stayed up really late and they got to wake up the kids for her birthday morning and then we ate cake for breakfast.  Hooray for technology! It makes life so far away so much more doable.

Speaking of technology, our internet had been down for the past 3 weeks on and off.  So, I have finally been able to download some pictures and blog.  There are a lot more pictures on facebook, feel free to find us there (Becca Mayeux Gray).

One last picture for my mom,  I found this guy looking into what will be your guest bedroom window…

Creepy, right?  He is looking right at me with those huge black eyes.  He looks like he is straight out of an animated bug movie.   Love to all, hope everyone has great weeks!