On July 31st, Paul and I celebrated our 7th anniversary.  Since there isn’t a whole lot to do in Soddo town, we improvised.

Two of the kids Auntie’s volunteered to babysit.  So we sent our kids up the mountain to stay with Sophie and Angie.  While Paul and I were left to have a nice quiet day in our own home…all by our selves.  I was telling Paul, “I wonder what this would seem like to our friends in America?”…LAME! No fancy night out, no hotel, just our own house.  But when our house is nicer than any hotel around and we can cook better than the fanciest restaurant in town and when any where you go you have at least 10 pairs of eyes on you…home starts sounding pretty nice.  So on Saturday after the kids nap time, we got dressed up (because I look for any excuse to do that), drove the kids to their house and took this picture from the top of the mountain.

Then we came home and made dinner together and researched our 10th anniversary trip (that we will go on in 3 years).  It was fun dreaming about the future and having adult conversations without tiny voices!  The other nice thing about locking ourselves into our own house was the interruptions were at a minimum.  On average every day we have about 10 knocks on our door.  (We can count on 2 fingers the number of times unannounced knocks were at our door the last year in Dallas.) Since it was a Saturday and Sunday, the compound was pretty quiet and the only problem we had to fix was getting our newest resident from Addis to Soddo (he showed up at the airport before we even knew what day he was going to arrive…see what I mean about the frequency of unannounced “knocks”?)

So, I really do wonder, how crazy we have become or maybe it is just how well we have adapted?  Maybe you shouldn’t answer that question.  But the day here in our house together, was just what we needed.