I have started homeschooling. It really isn't much now. But I have been enjoying it more than I thought. (Big relief...since there aren't any other options right now.) We are doing the Sonlight 3/4 year old preschool program. So really all it consists of is reading some stories every day, but it is great to get into the habit of doing something together and the books are great. And Lydia loves it to, so we all do it together. So these are my 2 little students.

These are the women in our Bible Study with the PAACS resident wives (some of the women work in the hospital). I have gotten more involved in this study the past year and have really loved it. Especially now that I can understand more and more Amharic. We are currently doing a study on the Feasts of the Old Testament that Jackie Anderson wrote and it has been translated into Amharic. It is really nice for them to have the study in Amharic. I love each of these women and they each have an AMAZING story. One day I will share more about a few of them.