I just wanted to post a link to our latest Gallbladder Gospel.  If you don’t get a copy by mail, you can click here to see it.  Or let us know if you want to be added on to our mailing list.

We have enjoyed a few quiet weeks and now we are preparing for the next wave of events.  Tomorrow is the big PAACS exam for the residents.  So pray they do well.  Demeketch, one of our house-helpers, will be making lunch for them during their break…which means lots of tibs (meat) and injera for the boys taking the exam. Then next week, we have 3 different families coming in that we are excited to spend time with.  Tuesday, the Gabrysch’s come to Soddo.  Jeremy is an ER doc and they want to move here long term in the next year!  Which is good news!  And they have 2 kids, a son Nathan’s age, whose name is Nate and a daughter who is about 5 months.  Wednesday, some of our friends from down south come up to stay the night with us.  And we always have so much fun with them!  And then on Thursday, Bruce and Rosemary MacFadyen come to spend a few weeks with us.  Bruce is the president of PAACS and they are an amazing couple.  He will help Paul out surgically as Paul finished preparations for our next accreditation visits and check ups.

I have been busy with several women’s Bible studies 1 completely in Amharic and 1 half in Amharic. And there has been a patient I have been seeing with an open abdomen.  He is some how stable, but who knows for how long.  So for now, I bring him 2 packs of protein supplements every day to supplement his diet.  (Thanks to my dietitian friends for sending me a supply! Nothing makes me miss fancy formulas and already broken down protein like seeing his wound.)

So, in the meantime I will leave you with a few pictures of some cuties…

This is what Lydia did every day at the beach for at least 2 hours. She is more patient and precise than her brother. And she has become a big girl, since she gave up her pacifiers a few weeks ago...or should I say since we got rid of them and hid them only for emergencies. She has handled it fairly well and only misses it when sleeping.

This is what Nathan would wear every day if I let him pick out his clothes. It is freezing here right now (66 inside the house, which sounds nice to y'all in Texas right now, but it is cold!). Back to the outfit...I have to beg him every day to at least either where long sleeves or long pants, because he won't go for both. And when given the option he will always choose red pants!