Happy Father’s Day, Paul!

I think there are only a few tasks more daunting than being a mother…and being a father is one of them.  There are so many responsibilities and charges that come with being a father and I love how you step up to them all.

First, you are an excellent provider and always sensitive to the needs of our kids and me.  I have loved seeing how God has provided for us over here.  It has been an added blessing and confirmation of us being where God wants us.

Second, I love to watch you teach and instruct our children.  They love to listen to your captivating voice. They love to snuggle up to you as you read them the Bible.

Third, you are great at knowing how to discipline and correct our children.  I love how you recognize the big picture of raising up our children to become responsible and wise adults.

Forth, I love how you can play and have fun with the kids.  Lydie yelling, “more tickle daddy!” or Nathan yelling, “get me”. And the countless paper airplanes, Lego cars and ‘games’ the kids enjoy doing with you.

Fifth, your faithfulness in praying for our children is an encouragement to me.  May we always recognize that we don’t raise our children in our own strength, but in prayer through our loving and sovereign God.

I love you so much and love being on this adventure of parenthood with you.  Thanks for being an amazing father to our children.

My prayer from Psalm 144:12, “May our son in his youth be like a well-nurtured plant, and our daughter be like a pillar carved to adorn a palace.”

Love, Becca

The fort Paul made for the kids. We all especially liked his sun roof design!

Cute boys!

The kids reading with daddy in his favorite chair!