A few months ago we went to some of our friends wedding.  They are both staff at the hospital and met while they were here, so the wedding was outside on the hospital compound.  It was a fun ceremony and since they were setting up the tent a few days in advance Nathan knew it was something to get excited about!

Paul, Katie and I went to the ceremony during nap time and then came back and got the kids in time for the party!  Here is Nathan with some of his friends.  Both of the kids did a few things you wouldn’t be able to get away with in most weddings.  Nathan pulled his pants down in the middle of the reception (which was outside) to go pee.  I lost Lydia at one point and she was in the middle of a crowd of people in the buffet line.  She was sitting on the ground collecting bottle caps.  And they both sat in the bride and grooms chairs before they cut the cake.  They had fun running around and playing with friends!

The Bride and Groom


Me and Katie


Are you sure those chairs are for you guys?


the Beautiful Bride