We had a great Easter weekend.  We had been doing the ressurection eggs with the kids all week and enjoyed talking to them about the resurrection of Jesus.  Nathan kept saying “Jesus is alive” and Lydia would just say “empty” because the last egg or the tomb is empty!

We enjoyed a great service together at our neighbors house and then all shared in a brunch together.  Did I mention that brunch is my favorite meal?!?  I made a sausage strata by making my own ground pork into spicy sage sausage.  It was something like this, of course I never follow a recipe, I think I added more eggs?

Of course, all of the celebrations occurred between Paul and the other doctors performing many operations.  Easter weekend is a busy weekend for travel here, so there were many car wrecks and other injuries to attend to.

Lydie had the perfect dress, thanks to hand me downs from a friend of a friend.  And Nathan was enthralled in the video we watched by Mark Driscoll about Jesus’ time during his death and resurrection.  He was interested because it showed pictures of all of the things we had been seeing in the resurrection eggs!

And now for a few pictures: