Nathan and I have been praying for a patient here for the past 10 days.  His name in Amharic is Gift (many people have names that are actually commonly used words).  “Gift” is a sweet little 6 year old boy who was sick for a few months before coming into the hospital for treatment.  Paul had to remove his colon and leave him with an ileostomy for the next few months until the next operation to reconnect him.  I started to see him right after surgery because he was malnourished.  I have been bringing him vitamins and sugar to add to the high protein porridge he is receiving.  I told Nathan about him the first night and he has been praying for him every day since.   Gift was very sick in our ICU for the last week, but Paul told Nathan that once he got out of the ICU he could bring him a toy.  So today, we took a field trip.  I went with Etagainu and the kids to bring a gift to Gift.  Gift and his family only speak the local language, not Amharic, so Etagainu translated for me and then we prayed for him in his native tongue.

Here he is admiring his new cars and stuffed animal.


Nathan was so brave as we went to visit him, it is becoming natural for him to be involved at the hospital and he enjoys visiting.  It is amazing to see compassion and concern grow in a little ones heart.

Gift has a long road ahead of him.  Please pray for him with us.  I have been praying for God to multiply the food he eats, to nourish his body and give him strength to endure these next few months.