This one is for you Jess.  And anyone else who wants to see some REALLY CUTE KIDS!

Nathan is a pretty gobez kid. Gobez being Ethiopian Code for: smart, clever, wise beyond his years, witty, inventive, knowledgeable, loveable, impressive, knows the answer and all around good. OK, so maybe that is the amplified definition of the word. But you get the idea. He has several Leap Frog videos that he likes to watch. And a few months ago I had been trying to teach him his letters, but to no avail. Then one day he knew all of them and it was from watching the Letter Factory. At first he didn't know the actual names of the letters, but he knew the phonetic sounds of every letter. We love you Nathan! And love watching you learn and your little mind grow.

Lydie Gray...could you be in cuter? The answer is obviously, NO! You could not be any cuter! You are always making us laugh. You have the sweetest expressions and the best shy smile. I love all of your words and you pointing out every, hat, yours, mine, juice, cracker, pizza, tortilla, ababa (flower), burp, backpack, yucky, diaper, etc. Lydia loves her brother, she calls him "DitDit" I have no idea why, except that it is 2 syllables. My only regret is that I don't have more videos of her, Mrs. Chatter Box, my beautiful second-child.