This past weekend Paul and I had the opportunity to get a way for a few nights.  There were 2 visiting surgeons here and one had their family with them as well.  They offered to keep the kids and take care of all surgeries, so that Paul and I could have a chance to rest and reflect.  A week ago, I had been sick in and out of bed and the bathroom with a GI bug (bug, worm…who knows what was in there?!?).  But in the midst of being sick in bed, life went on, people still knocked at the door, the kids still got hungry and people still knocked at the door (at least twice as many times as the kids got hungry).  I admit I felt a little trapped at one point, I felt like I couldn’t even escape into my own home. I missed being able to get into my private, moving-box and drive where ever I wanted to go, even if it was just to drive through Sonic.

So I was ecstatic when Paul agreed to leave the hospital (and the kids) for a weekend.  I booked a reservation at a new hotel on Lake Hawasa, the Lewi Resort (the pictures online, really don’t do it justice, it is much more lush).  It was very nice, we had a room on the water, that was just as nice as most American hotel rooms, although it had a fancy mosquito net and monkeys and geese at our patio door.  So I went into this weekend with the thought…I am going to be selfish.  Do whatever I wanted!  (Paul was feeling sick when we left, so I thought he would probably just want to rest in the hotel room, but that wouldn’t stop me.) So we slept in, had fresh mango juice and macchiatos by the lake, read, and I took a trip to another new resort to get a pedicure.  I came back and laid by the pool, took a boat ride and then we went out for a nice dinner.  Everything was so peaceful.  We had a chance to reign in our thoughts and catch up.

Well, in the midst of all of my selfish decisions, I decided to bring a book I had wanted to read.  It is “The Mission of Motherhood” by Sally Clarkson.  It was certainly not the most selfish book I could have picked out…I could have picked up one of the mindless novels on the book shelf or finished the People magazine a friend recently sent me…those would have been more appropriate lay-by-the-pool choices. But I had been talking about this book to a friend this week and figured I should read it myself.  My personality has never been to read up on what is about to happen before I get there. I remember when Nathan was only a few months old and I was a sleep deprived mother…Paul and I went a way for a weekend.  After finally getting 8 consecutive hours of sleep, I was ready to read all of the baby books.  As it was with this time…I got away from my two little munchkins to read about them.  So far, it has been a very encouraging book.  It makes me step back and think about what an important job it is being a mother .  It truly is a privilege to be able to invest in their lives.  My prayer now is that these thoughts will stay fresh on my mind.  That when my 3 year old tests my patience, I will engage him and not just react out of frustration.  As one blog that I read put it, moms should be “like a wall of Jell-O” we should let the things they do or say hit us and sink in before we react.

So here are my new motherly goals:

  • take my job seriously, preparing children for the world starts early and in the home
  • be a wall of Jell-O
  • set aside times not to multi-task
  • spend time playing make believe or kicking a ball (or kicking a make-believe ball)
  • teach them about the characteristics of Christ

Here are some pictures from our fun weekend:

Camels crossing the street as we drove between Soddo and Hawasa.










more camels


















One of the monkeys who joined us for lunch





















what paul did all weekend















me on the boat ride to find the hippos















the hippos hiding in the water. it was sunset, so instead of coming out to bask in the sun, they were slowly heading to the shore for the night.














Isn't this such a quintessential Africa picture? Well, as we got up close to see what kind of fish he was catching, we noticed it was just a kid on a boat in Calvin Klein underwear. Ha!
















Paul and I at breakfast before heading back to reality. Any ideas of how to thank the people enough who watched the kids? How do you repay such kindness?