Three. They’d also like to remove the socket as you aren’t using it now.

We have had 2 very special guests over the past few weeks.  Dr. Bruce Steffes (on the Left) came between his busy traveling schedule.  He ended up having 10 days between Kenya/Tanzania and going to Thailand, so we were honored to have him come and visit us here in Soddo.  Bruce is the CEO of PAACS and a great friend. He has tons of surgical and missionary experience which we were more than eager to glean from.

Dr. John Birbari (in the middle) is a good friend from Baylor in Dallas.  He was 2 years behind Paul in residency and is now a practicing surgeon in Fort Worth.  Paul has often confided in him about the challenges here and it has been an encouragement to see it up and close and personal.

We have loved having a house full of surgeons and feel blessed by their efforts to come all the way to Ethiopia to pay us a visit!