We are currently in Kenya at the Brakenhurst conference center for a PAACS meeting.  Since they aren’t offering CME’s this year, Paul got to take some time away from the conference if he wasn’t teaching.  Yesterday, we got to visit a tea plantation where they harvest and process a ton of tea every year.  We learned all about tea and had a nice gourmet lunch outside.

Here we are in the tea fields.  All of that behind us are tea bushes.  Every 2 weeks each plant is picked and they pick the newest leaf with 2 leaves below it to process (like the picture above by the cup).  So this plantation has a lot of people constantly picking their 35 acres of tea plants.  Also,  FYI…the tea leaf smells like NOTHING when it is raw.  It has to be processed and oxidized to turn black and become flavorful…very interesting.