Happy 3rd Birthday Nathan!

We had a fun day yesterday for his birthday.  Breakfast pancakes with daddy.  New movies and trucks from the grandparents.  Binoculars from us.  Skype dates with family.  Playing in the sand/dirt. Going on a walk for bread with mommy.

Nathan, we love you so much.  I love your inquisitive nature, how your mind puts things together.  How you love to look at the stars.  How you line your cars up in a row.  How you want to feed the stick that you bring in from outside.  How you could sit in the sand pile all day and not realize you are hungry.  How you love to walk through the streets of Soddo with me and don’t mind people staring at you.  How you tell anyone who knocks at our door to “COME IN!”  How you love Lydia and want her to wake up so you can be loud and play with her.  How you say, “Goodnight mommy, I love you.”  all on your own.  How if you want chocolate, Lydia must want some too.  How you only pee in the toilet if I leave you naked.  How you know you are so dirty sometimes that you actually ask for a bath.  How you know that it is time to wake up because it is day outside.  How you tell your sister…”Lydie you’re so pretty.”  How you want to eat with Jesus.  And how we agree on one very important thing…Daddy is the best guy ever.