This is for all of you moms out there who have seen Dora the Explorer at least once…

Nathan and I went on an adventure last week.  It was very exciting for him.  He rarely leaves the hospital compound.  Thankfully I get out a few times a week…to walk to the store, have lunch with the single girls, go to the bank and get a coke with Paul, visit my favorite pottery store…etc.  Well, I had planned for Nathan to come with me to the post office.  We had packed up a box full of our favorite Soddo things to send to the Hardin family.  They will hopefully be moving here in the next year or so and we wanted to give them and their kids a taste of Soddo. Inside was Nathan’s favorite cookies, local snacks, local pottery and baskets and a magazine from Addis.

It was really great for Nathan to get out and see more of the everyday culture.  He does great when we go out and even when people come up to him, he is learning to say the local greeting, “Dana neh?” for a boy or “Dana nesh?” for a girl.  Nathan even sounds more habasha (Ethiopian) than I do when he says it.

So Nathan the Explorer went on an adventure with me as his side kick. (If only I had some cute red boots).

We consulted the map before going and realized that since it was such a long way and his legs were so short that we should take the local transportation.  Thankfully, Ephraim, my favorite bajaj driver is always only 5 minutes away.


The 3-wheeled Bajaj taxi. Ephraim driving in the front. Lydie peeking through the side with Etagainu.


He came and picked us up and the map told us we had to proceed through the gate, past the donkeys and into an intersection where all ways GO! Sing it with me Dora fans…Gate! donkeys! Dangerous intersection!…Gate! donkeys! Dangerous intersection!…Gate! donkeys! Dangerous intersection!

And after going through the gate, past the donkeys and into an intersection where all ways go, we got to the post office.


The guys and our box being mailed from the post office!

After mailing our package, we went to the hospital café and got some “spicy juice” or orange soda.

It was so fun to do something just with Nathan, I love having random conversations with him about day light and stars and how to not wake up Lydia. Speaking of our big boy will be three tomorrow! Happy birthday sweet boy!  More blogging and pictures to come.

We did it! We did it! We did it!