There is a new park in town and it is F.U.N.  The whole family loved it.  It is next to a little cafe.  And although some of the toys are slightly used.  It is overall a fun place to take the kids on a Saturday afternoon.  I think I will even have Nathan’s birthday party there.  The owner is someone who owns one of my favorite stores in town that is a 5 minute walk from the hospital.  He also has a son around Nathan’s age, so I think it is just great that he saw this as a “business opportunity”.  Who needs McDonalds’ playgrounds when you have the Joy cafe…fresh french fries, cold coke and a slide!

Lydie says “weeeeee” as she slid down by herself.

Of course, this was Nathan’s favorite.  The girl behind him was pushing the forward and backward button while he steered.  He is taking this driving thing very seriously!