This is Nathan's calendar to count the days until we get on a jet! Notice he received a bunch of bug stickers in the mail a few days into it. I couldn't beg him to not pick the huge snail or super gross roach, so there they are!

As we get ready to travel to the states for 2 months, most of our thoughts our filled with yummy food and even better company! As Nathan asks me for noodles for breakfast, I think to myself, “ you won’t want noodles when you can have honey nut cheerios with Granpa or a trip to the donut shop or pop tarts with Nana”.  As Nathan asks every day for one of his friends and I have to tell him they are several hours down a very bumpy road, I think “you are soon to be inundated with our friends kids and will be so excited for play dates and parks and museums with friends just 5 minutes down a well paved highway”. So, as I think about all of the exciting things that are less than a week away, I also think of the things here that have become a normal part of our daily life.  So here are a few things , that I could (or maybe have) gotten used to:

  • Riding a 3 wheel taxi around town when I bought too much at the store
  • The year-round cool breeze accompanied by the warm sunshine
  • Line drying our clothes
  • People coming in and out of our house all day
  • Wearing the same 5 outfits day after day (Ok, I admit this I would rather not get used to)
  • Understanding half of most conversations
  • Realizing that my family asking for simple pasta casseroles twice a week is a good thing
  • Having fresh vegetables and herbs out my backdoor
  • Buying meat each week from a butcher without a fridge
  • Buying a year’s supply of deodorant and kids clothes each trip home (hand-me-downs anyone?)
  • Pushing the kids in a stroller down our 200 yard boulevard (back and forth)
  • Date night includes putting the kids to bed early and cooking a nice meal
  • Living in a community who works, prays, plays, and worships together
  • Having a beautiful flower garden where anything grows and multiplies itself times 10
  • Exposing the kids to different cultures (making  it easier for them to see the image of God)
  • Collecting hand-made pottery from the little shop down the road
  • Snatching up snickers or dove body wash when the shipment comes in to Soddo
  • Starting the kids on antibiotics on day 1 of a fever, because who knows what it could be
  • Drinking coke out of a bottle
  • Having only a 200 yard commute to work
  • Seeing Mount Damota at 10,000 feet elevation out my front door
  • Realizing the kids would rather play with Tupperware, than sit in their room and play
  • Nathan’s  socks being perpetually stained with the red dirt
  • Having a prayer group at home that we email each week
  • Electricity always going on and off (seriously this doesn’t bother me at all anymore), Now water is a different story…I like to have hot water 24/7!
  • Meeting a community of young moms who are raising and schooling their kids here too
  • Getting thoughtful packages or emails from friends who are half a world away
  • Passing a bull on the side of the road, hoping it will stay put and not charge at me
  • Taking the kids to see the sheep every afternoon
  • Nathan thinking the bank is the place to go for French fries (We go to the “bank building” for French fries and meat loaf burgers on Saturdays)
  • Having my husband home for lunch a few days a week

Love you all!  And see a lot of you really soon!