I was honored to “attend” a graduation ceremony for a friend who just finished her bachelor of science in nursing.  It was on a Saturday morning at the big convention center right across from the hospital.  I had the kids by  myself that morning, so we actually just walked over after the 3 hour ceremony to take pictures.  And then we joined Merkab’s family for dinner.  Paul was in Awassa that weekend for a surgical conference.  So the kids got to experience the 3 wheeled Bajaj taxi, which Nathan has been asking for again ever since.

Here we are at Merkab’s family’s house.  You can see Lydia has made a new friend over to the left.

Me eating injera and wat.  Merkab’s father on the left, he is a good friend to us too and we are thankful to know him.

The whole crew.  Lydia is with Etagainu, who watches the kids some during the week.