Lydia had a very happy birthday.  Despite throwing up the morning of her party she made it through the day like a true social queen.  One who wasn’t going to miss any of the action.  She even got her appetite back right before the party and loved the cake!  Chocolate always makes you feel better.  We had a party with the PAACS residents and all of the local ex-pats.  It was a fun celebration. We even had a local candle that blew fire up in the air as the rest of the candles fell into a flower while singing happy birthday, don’t worry, I am bringing some home, so people in Texas can have cool birthday candles too! (See the flaming flower candle below in the middle of the cake…It was awesome and the candle kept singing for 2 hours after party…until Paul decided we had had enough and smashed into a thousand pieces.)

Dear Lydia, you really have no idea how much we love you.  I pray you realize it some day.  And by the way, when your brother bops you on the head with a toy, that is really his way of saying he loves you too.  He just doesn’t realize how small and petite you are.  He thinks you can do all the things he can do…and he can’t wait for that day to come soon!  Lydia, you are so snuggly and sweet.  I love how you pull on my pant leg letting me know you want up.  And how you use the sign for milk for anything you want.  How you repeat almost everything we say.  How you can say mama, dada, Nay-Nay (Nathan), Nigh-Nigh (Night Night), Ow (Yes in Amharic) and your favorite word…Uhh-Ohhh!  You have the cutest crawl on your feet and hands to try and save your knees from bruising on our concrete floors.  You have your own dainty way of signing “more” that is too cute!  I love how you dance to any song that comes on, you even do the Ethiopian shoulder bump.  Lydia, we love you so so much.  And we pray that one day you come to know not only how much we love you, but how much God loves you!  Happy 1st birthday, Baby Girl!

love, Mama

Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen!!!