When I was home last year at this time, my mom and I got into watching Design Star.  It was a fun reality show where of course we were better judges than the actually ones.  I also love DIY projects, especially with the limited resources like we have over here.

So I decided to show you a little project of my own.   (In sort of a cheesy way…look for the prize winning challenge at the bottom!)

This is how I made pictures for Lydie’s room.

For this project all you will need is:

some tacky frames


something pretty to fill the frames

and duct tape!

First buy frames.  These are the ones I bought in Soddo.  Now why didn’t I just hang them up like that?  With the gold matting???

The next step is to tear the gold mat out and dismantle the Chinese made frame.

Remove all of the tiny nails holding the card board inside.

Make the pretty part that you want inside.  I used the original card board backing so it was easy to fit back in.  I used a local canvas material as a backing and some wall decals that I brought from the states.  Oh and don’t forget the duct tape.

I duct taped the material to the back side and reinserted the card board into it’s original place.

And then I duct taped the card board to the frame instead of using the tiny nails.  See Nathan assisting with the pliers!  Very important step.

Finished frames!

All hung up in Lydia’s room! Thanks to my man with the drill! This is also the guest room, so come and visit.

Her crib and mosquito net and changing pad with her sweet blanket, “Miss Lydia Ann”.  Other completed projects in her room, replaced the knobs on the dresser, made a bed skirt for the bed…still need to hang a lamp shade from the ceiling for extra lighting.

The fun clock above her room and the hooks we hung with the sweet bird mobile from my sister.  You can also see into Nathan’s room with his coat rack. His room is all bright green, pale yellow and orange.

Now get ready for the challenge:

I bought this little thing with the furniture that we got for our living room. It is used traditionally for their tiny coffee cups.  I am trying to think of something that I can put inside that the kids won’t want to eat / choke on.  Right now there are tea light candles in it, but i feel like I can’t really light those either because of the kids.  Any ideas??? I will throw in an Ethiopian prize for any one with a good idea?

My next project…making Roman Curtains…