We planned a 4th of July party on Sunday.  We had a great time.  Even though only 8 of the 15 of us were born in America.  We always have fun just getting together.  Paul grilled some meat for burgers and after wards we had a great time hanging out and playing games.  The other countries represented were Norway, South Africa and Holland (who we are all rooting for in the game right now.)

Paul and I at our 4th of July cook out.  It is actually just cropped from the one above, but I thought it was a good one with 2 smiles!  It is so cold here right now!  It takes me until 11am and 2 cups of coffee every day to warm up.  And I am always wearing this long hoody.

These 2 crazy cats!  Can you tell how much they love each other!  Nathan was being silly and kept shaking her hand and she was cracking up.  They are red, white and blue together.

We had a great time.  Paul hopes everyone ate a few hot dogs for him and I hope everyone laid out at the beach or pool for me!