When Nathan was a baby, before we moved to Ethiopia, my mom wrote Nathan a book called, “It’s a Red Letter Day for Nathan Paul Gray”.  It is a really cute book.  And now Nathan has 2 of her books and Lydia has one of her own too. (Yea, for grandparents not forgetting about the second child, like my video camera has!)  So anytime one of the Gray grandchildren do something special, we say it is a red letter day!  So this blog is about the red letter days Nathan and Lydia have had lately.

I love the phases my kids are in right now.  If I could only stop other things I need to do more often and enjoy it.  Too often I am multi-tasking while playing with them.  Even when I go and sit in there room and play I am usually putting toys away at the same time.

Lydia is 10.5 months now.  I can’t believe she is almost 1 year old!  She is the sweetest thing ever.  And this may sound bad, but approximately 1 month ago I finally knew what all of those moms were talking about.  You know, when new moms say…”I just love being a mom, it is the best thing ever. I just want to hold my baby all day!”  If I am honest I never felt that way with Nathan.  Of course, who would with a piercing scream in your ear as you try to hold him.  So, it took me 1 first born and a 10 month old to finally feel that way.  Lydia lets me rock her and sing to her before I lay her down in bed.  It is a nice new routine that I never had with Nathan.  As soon as we got into his room when Nathan was a baby he was literally pushing off of me to get into his crib.  With Lydie, as soon as I put her pacifier in, she lays her head on my should and starts to hum, as she waits for me to sing to her.  Every night I sing Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus to her.  It is her sweetness that reminds me of peaceful trust we should have in Jesus.

The other fun things she has been doing:

  • she said “dada” on father’s day and meant it!
  • she said “night night” tonight after I told her to say night night (more of a mimic, nigh nigh, and didn’t really mean it 🙂
  • she claps when you say yea or get excited
  • she waves if you say bye, bye or ciao ciao
  • she hides her forehead if you say “where’s  _____” (usually if you say “Where’s lydia?”, but even if you say “where are my keys, she will play hide-n-seek
  • she signs for milk and waves her hands dramatically if she wants more
  • her army crawl has turned into a real hands and knees crawl
  • she pulled up on a table, the same day she mastered sitting up on her own
  • she cries if you raise your voice at her ( this may make for some long teenage years)
  • she is content playing by herself or with others
  • her favorite toy is a ball (we really need more girly things around the house)

Now to Nathan:  Today is a red letter day for him because it is his first night in a big boy bed!  It is actually a tent that Paul’s family sent to Nathan for Christmas.  Nathan loved to play in the tent and as I dreaded figuring out what kind of bed to have made for him, I thought he should sleep in the tent!  It is low to the ground, kind of closed in, tons of fun…what more could a 2.5 year old ask for?  I had a mattress made for the tent and didn’t tell him until this afternoon, that he could sleep in there.  He was so excited.  We gathered his toys and blankets from the crib and tucked him in.  I prepped Paul that we would keep putting him back in the tent if he got out, even if it took 100 times the first night, it would get less and less.  Well, he went right to sleep.  I didn’t even hear him play very long.

I have some really cute pictures of Nathan and Lydia…but it isn’t letting me upload them for some reason.  I will figure it out and post them soon.  Sorry you had to read all of this without any pictures…if you do want to see cute pictures, please do NOT scroll down to Paul’s post below!  😉