Nathan is growing up and I am loving it.  He is talking so much.  He is a constant commentary and he is one of those who keeps repeating what he is saying until you acknowledge him and repeat it back to him….

While he is watching Cars (his favorite movie), in the beginning before Lightning McQueen has a blow out, “Mommy, tire broke?  Mommy, tire broke? Tire broke?”…blow out…”Uh oh, mommy, tire broke!  tire broke!”  Me: “Oh no, Nathan, lightning’s tire broke”  and on and on.

He has come up with some pretty cute sayings.  He calls a ladder a “climb”…makes sense.  And a screw driver is a “it goes around”.  It cracks me up the things he comes up with.  And you won’t believe this but his favorite new word is, “YES!”  He says it so clearly, so matter-of-factly.  He does know what he wants that is for sure.  Probably because I have given him a choice ever since he could point.  He can now pick out his own movie, he looks through the book and picks lightning, or mone (Nemo backwards), or doggie movie, or rocket movie…

It was interesting in one of our cultural sessions at language school they mentioned how Americans are very independent people because we have been given choices at a very young age.  However, most people here (and many parts of the world) are used to having decisions given to them…which we cannot fathom, but yet is very normal here.  This contributes to many things that play out in the cultural…there emphasis on community living verses our emphasis on independence and privacy.  This is just one of the things that plays into differing world views.  Learning about these differences really helps me to be able to realte better to the people we meet here.

Back to what I was saying…We love you Nathan.