We have been back in Soddo for a little over a week now.  And I have so much to write about!  So many things have happened, mostly exciting things.  Nathan was so excited to see all of his toys in his room and has been playing in there a lot.  It has been raining here, so the mud comes and goes with it.  I can testify that Amharic classes have paid off and I have remembered how to cook (the 2 things I was worried about in coming back to Soddo).  Also, we bought the fillet mignon right off of a freshly slaughtered cow (2 pounds of meat for 4 USD) and grilled some good meat tonight!

So, more to come on this and that:

  • The fastest way to learn a language
  • Lydia getting close to crawling
  • New lighting in our house
  • How to fly a kite (haven’t figured this out yet, but Nathan and I try running around with it everyday.)
  • More pictures of N and L
  • Baby shower for a friend

But for now, I will give you pictures of Lydia and her friend Lily!  Are they not the cutest little things!  Lydia is only about a month older than Lily and they are 2 peas in a pod.