We are almost finished with language school and will be heading back to Soddo next weekend (May 22nd). I have loved our time here in Addis. It has been fun to challenge my brain and be able to learn and use Amharic. I feel fairly conversational and can get my point across one way or another. The picture above is of the hospital from a helicopter. The hospital is all of the red roofs. Our house is the red roof all the way to the right, half way down from the top of the picture.

I am looking forward to getting back home. Paul and I have made some fun purchases while here in Addis to complete our home. This week we have bought coffee tables and accessories for the living room (the tables that were in there when we moved in need to go to another house). The tables we bought are made from a heavy wood from down south and the tables are beautiful. They are very rustic looking (which goes with our motif) and very solid. We bargained with the guy who was selling them in his tiny little shop on the side of the road. We got everything for the price I was wanting, but of course he had a huge smile on his face after ward…so we figured we probably paid a little too much. But I much rather give this man 200 USD for our furniture than most of the bigger shops. I am sure there are many days he doesn’t sell a thing and it was nice to know we got what we wanted and helped him out at the same time. I will post pictures of our new living room in a few weeks.

We also bought light covers for all of our lights (currently just bulbs sticking down from the ceiling) and a nice decorative light fixture to go above our dining room table. Paul is looking forward to installing the 12 light fixtures we bought….ha ha! Oh and I also bought a desk where I can set up my computer. Paul and PAACS takes up most of our other desk before I had a space big enough for my laptop and my knees to fit, but that was it. No fault of Paul’s he definitely needs the space and does almost all of his office work out of our house.

Before we head back, we have one more week of school and lots of getting together with friends before we go…eating out, play dates, hair cuts…and I have a baby shower. A friend from language school and I are hosting a baby shower for a friend here with YWAM. She is from Norway and has never had a baby shower (even though this is her second child), so I am looking forward to making her feel special and helping her prepare for their little one.