So far, language school in Addis has been a great experience. Becca and I both feel our understanding of Amharic is taking off and we’re hopeful that our time here will really set us on our way to fully understanding and speaking Amharic. We knew before coming to Ethiopia that speaking Amharic would be vitally important but the last year and a half has really driven it home. It’s one thing to live, work and interact with people but being able to speak their tongue is a huge step to developing a deep affinity for them. I’m especially praying that God would eventually enable us to understand the language well enough to discuss spiritual matters. I love talking with our patients about Christ but it’s always through an interpreter and you can’t help but feel outside the conversation. Well, one step at a time! For now, I’m learning to say, “Put the spoon on the whiteboard.”

Fun with family in Addis

He never did stay in one place for long…

ውሻዎቹን ማን ለቀቀ? (Wooshawochoon man lehkehkeh?) Amharic for “Who let the dogs out?”

I’m also really enjoying the extra time with Becca and the kids. I don’t say it enough here, but, fellas, I’ve got the best girl in the world. I love watching my beautiful, smart wife in action as a fantastic mother as well. We now get to study together at night and occasionally slip out to a Kaldi’s (the Ethiopian version of Starbucks) when a babysitter is available. As Becca says, it’s like college again. Except my room doesn’t stink, the sheets have been washed in the last four months and I actually enjoy studying.

On another note, it looks like our residency program is going to be evaluated soon by the accrediting body here in the country. I’ll have to go back to Soddo for the process but this could be wonderful news for the program. Please pray for us that we would be well prepared and that we would be protected from miscommunications and misunderstandings. My prayer is that we will be seen accurately for what we are and that we might grow and improve in the process. It could make a significant impact for our goals if we were granted official accreditation. Ultimately, though, I rejoice because it’s in God’s hands.