We started Amharic School!  We came to Addis on Sunday and have had 3 days of class already.  We are learning a ton.  And are a lot more comfortable with speaking and writing!  It has been a ton of fun to have Paul home during the afternoons and I have enjoyed getting out of the house in the mornings for class.

The kids are staying with someone during the morning and we have an intense 4 hours of listening and learning Amharic.  It is fun in the afternoons to try and speak to our house help and around town.  The worse mess up I have had so far is saying “She is a small arm” instead of “She has small arms.”  Don’t ask me why I was trying to say that in the first place, I guess it was with words I knew. I will have to try and branch out more tomorrow.

Paul and I also went on a real date last night, pretty much the first one since before we had Lydie (who is 6 months old)…any way… we had a baby sitter for our kids and the couple’s kids whose house we are at and went to a really nice restaurant…I mean really nice!  It was great to get away and be with friends.