This afternoon I was thinking, “I only have to hold on for one more day….hey, isn’t that a song?”  And then I preceded to sing the Wilson Phillips’ song in my head.

Paul gets home on Friday and the last few days have been rough.  I am deep into the terrible two’s and Lydia is dropping her third nap.  But it hasn’t been all bad.  As most will say with parenting…every frustration comes with a million blessings.  Some days I think my blessings are being piled up somewhere and I have to search to find them, but they are always there.

What Nathan has been up to since daddy has been gone:

-he started putting 2 and 3 words together into phrases (this is a big deal, because up and till now everything was a 1 word command)

-can complete his elephant puzzle all by himself

-can count 1,2, 3 or 4, 5, 6, but not together…yet

-brings Lydia toys

-eat cereal and milk with a spoon (he may be a little late on this milestone, mostly because I refused to put milk in his cereal to avoid the mess and made him eat with his hands)

What Lydia has been up to since daddy has been gone:

-cutting her first tooth!  (this is way earlier than Nathan, he was 8 months before any signs of teething, so I was surprised to feel her tooth today.)

-rolling over both ways very well

-eating rice cereal

-making some new vowel sounds (maybe only my sis the linguist will be impressed with this one)

-and we discovered that things take exactly 24 hours to pass through her system…Paul, don’t freak out…last night Lydia and Nathan were playing in Nathan’s room and I come in to hear Nathan saying “Ee-ah, Don’t eat!  Ee-ah, Don’t eat! Ee-ah, Don’t eat!”  And sure enough she had a piece of paper in her hands and had slobber everywhere.  I did the thing you are supposed to do when you think there may be a foreign object in your child’s mouth and swept my finger inside a few times, but nothing was there.  Well, tonight at pajama time, I found a tiny piece of paper in her diaper.  (It was less than 1 cm.)

What mommy has been up to since daddy has been gone (besides praying for patience):

-pryaing for patience (did I already mention that?)

-discovered the new store in town has real Dove body wash (not the “Doxe” want-to-be brand)

-was laid up in bed for a day in a half with my first GI illness of the year

-perfected my homemade ice cream sandwich recipe

-falling more and more in love with my husband

-and holding on for one more day…