Before we came back to Ethiopia, Paul read a book called “Heaven” (Randy Alcorn).  I have been reading it now too and it really is an amazing book to transform your thinking on Heaven and what comes next.  Paul is hoping to write a blog about what we have learned from the book, but as an intro I want to share the paragraph I can’t stop thinking about.  It is actually a quote from the book “Things Unseen” (Mark Buchanan).  Until this book, I often wondered what heaven would be like, but I resorted to thinking that it is unknowable and that I will find out one day.  However, I don’t think that is the right answer.  The Bible tells us the Earth will be restored and we will be resurrected.  So even now we have a glimpse of what is to come.  We know what Earth is like now…we know what we are like…and the new restored Earth and the new resurrected humans will be infinitely better.  Here is a paragraph that ignites in my heart and mind what one day will be.

Why won’t we be bored in heaven?  Because it’s the one place where both impulses – to go beyond, to go home – are perfectly joined and totally satisfied.  It’s the one place where we’re constantly discovering – where everything is always fresh and the possessing of a thing is as good as the pursuing of it – and yet where we are fully at home – where everything is as it ought to be and where we find, undiminished, that mysterious something we never found down here…And this lifelong melancholy that hangs on us, this wishing we were someone else somewhere else, vanishes too.  Our craving to go beyond is always and fully realized.  Our yearning for home is once and for all fulfilled.  The ahh! of deep satisfaction and the aha! of delighted surprise meet, and they kiss.