Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning.  We had a special time together.  In the above picture Lydia is in a sweet Merry Christmas outfit.  I remember having a picture of me in an outfit like that and I would have been the same age, since our birthdays are 2 days apart.  (Mom, do you remember that?  I think I was sitting with Granny and Granddaddy. I will have to look for it one day)

Below is Lydia’s beautiful Christmas dress from her Aunt Sarah.  You can see Nathan’s fire house and fire truck in the background.  And those are my knees, we did get a family shot, but I think it is on Paul’s camera…for later.  I have so much more to post about soon…Nathan’s second birthday and our New Year’s party…complete with Norwegian sparklers and games from “the Family Game” to computers all hooked up to Call of Duty.