Here is the crew we had for Christmas dinner.  Since the Ethiopian Christmas is not for another 2 weeks, we were able to celebrate with all of the forengies (non-Ethiopians) of the community.  From top, left to right…Dr. Asle Aarsland (anesthesiologist, from Norway, grew up in Ethiopia, lived in Galveston), Stephne Bowers (runs the orphanage, from South Africa), Dr. Harry Bowers (optomotrist), Dr. Mary Vanderkooi (runs local rural clinics), Gary Vanderkooi (helps with all of the construction on site at the hospital), me, Paul, Lydie-bug, Maria Aarsland (daughter of Asle, visitng, very sad she will be here instead of the national championship game on Jan 7th…she’s a longhorn), Kari Aarsland (wife of Asle and great joy to be around!), Dr. Ruth Droppers (internal medicine, been here for 3 years, from the Netherlands), Dr. Mogus (internal medicine doctor and fiance of Dr. Ruth, from Ethiopia and lived in Canada for a while).  Bottom, left to right:  Dr. Marco (new PAACS resident from Madagascar), Sarah Jane Aarsland (daughter of Asle, visiting med student from UTMB Galveston, here to study malaria), Sophie Ness (nurse, does rural clinics, been here for 6 months, Noah Frank (been here 2 months, here to run a local foster home, from California), Sam Hartman (been here 2 months, here to run a local foster home, from Seattle), Benjamin Bowers (12 years old, son of Harry, is teaching nathan how to play soccer), Nathan “stinker-bug” Gray (has his own camera in hand), Karmyn Bowers (13 years old, daughter of Harry, loves caring for Lydia).