our living room. if you can see it - the only picture of lydia is on the bottom, second from the left. i need to print one out of both of them to add. our initials on the top of the large frame.

living room - looking towards the front door. peek-a-boo, nathan was hiding under the chairs

our patio - we love this room. it is so peaceful to sit and enjoy the breeze.

one side of the kitchen, the back door and my favorite cross photo that hung in nathan's room as a baby.

back door (again), our washing machine (life saver), our water filter (genius) and our fruit and veggie stand (the yellow fruit in the middle is a type of passion fruit, very yummy).

kitchen - stove with 4 gas burners, 2 electric burners and 1 tiny oven. turquoise plates from kenya and pottery from ethiopia.

kitchen table, with nathan's chair and handsome husband in the background.

paul's office - my mess - med school diploma and famous caricature.

Gray's Gym - complete with a homemade chin-up bar and heavy duty resistance bands

Brian Andreas prints in the hallway before our bedroom

kid pictures in our bedroom - paul and his younger bro, john, in a helicopter and me and my younger sis, jessica, being cute and matchy-matchy on the right. i want to one day add a pic of nahtan and lydia below us.

and finally....yes, we have real toilets. guest bathroom and nathan's toilet.