we try and balance out the blog between hospital and home…we try and do the same with our time.  of course both often demand more than that.  good thing there are two of us to tackle it together!  don’t worry i will leave the surgery part to Paul.

speaking of time, when i was home this summer spending time with my mom and sister, i acquired a new nickname.  growing up i was “becca-boo”  and my sister was “jessie-bell”, but this summer i was reanmed FOTS.  I was known as the “Fun-Organizing-Time-Sucker”.  I think most of the tasks that my mother was accustomed to went out the window as I was always planning events…trips to the beach, to Sonic, to Moody gardens, to the mall, to see others.  And my sister and her husband were dragged into it too, even during there last few weeks before they left the country, i was encouraging them to join in FOTS activities….I loved it!  Hey, I was just glad I wasn’t renamed the “Time-Organizing-Fun-Sucker”!

Some of the FOTS activities my dad got sucked into was cooking for the many family and friends who were visiting and taking pictures….here are a few of the pics.new_SPM8484bi feel like this picture shows their personalities already.  nathan with his silly, independent nature and loud Hawaiian shirt.   lydia raising her hand saying “pick me” and decked out in her fancy clothes.  she is already such a social butterfly.  she will start to whine a tiny bit and we will just talk to her and she quiets down.  or nathan will sing her a song, he will sing “baby-ah, baby-ah, baby-ah” instead of baby lydia he combines the two words into baby-ah!

_SPM8396i love this “action-shot” because it shows how much fun nathan had with his daddy this summer.  what a special time to have him home for 2 months.

Gray Family 101609 the latest family shot

_SPM8475and sweet baby lydia