This is not a pity story,
but simply an opportunity..

While we were home this summer we shared stories and pictures of our life in Ethiopia with many of you.  Some of those pictures and stories included Etagainu, our house help and friend.  We have been honored to pour into her life as she has poured herself into ours.

 Last year, she expressed her concern for her son’s education.  They live in a small town up on a hill about a 45 minute walk from Soddo and her 8 year old son, Bekolu, was attending a school there.  She told me that she found out he was not learning, but mostly playing outside all day due to the lack of direction in the school.  Within Soddo, there are some private schools who offer an education with an intentional curriculum, however, these schools are expensive and often cost about half of a monthly wage for a child’s fee. 

I wanted to share with you that Bekolu is now attending a private school in Soddo called the American International Academy.  He is in K2 (the second year of kindergarten).  Nathan and I had a chance to visit the school and meet some of the teachers.  It is a very nice school and does some of the teaching in English and most of their school activities and books are in English.  The students are still learning Amharic in school and most of them grew up learning their local language, so most will soon know 3 languages.  It was great to visit and see the opportunity here in Soddo for the children. 

So, I am writing to see if there is someone out there who would like to help Bekolu attend school.  I think this is a neat opportunity for a family with children to help from afar.  In the process of helping Bekolu your own children will learn about people in other parts of the world.  The cost is 15 USD per month for Bekolu to attend school, but I imagine the rewards will be much greater.  What an amazing opportunity for some children from the states to be able to communicate with Bekolu and write letters and color pictures back and forth. 

Again this is not a pity story, we could help him attend school and we will continue to develop our relationship with Etagainu and her family.  But I wanted to offer up this opportunity to some of you who cannot physically come, but desire to help in a personal way.  If you and your family would like to get to know Bekolu, please email me at paulandbecca@gmail.com