Well, since everyone else out there has been posting pictures of their kiddos in the pumpkin patch we thought we would join in.  When we arrived back in Soddo, I discovered that our 2 pumpkin plants (planted about 6 months ago) were completely taking over our side yard.  I said to our neighbors…”have you seen our pumpkin patch?”  They were all unimpressed because they hadn’t seen any pumpkins actually in the patch.  The next day when Tomesgen, our gardener, arrived he showed me all of the pumpkins he had in our storage shed.  We had 22 pumpkins so far! 

I told him about Halloween and how in the fall in America, lots of children line up to take pictures in big patches of bright orange pumpkins (our pumpkins are green, but orange inside)…and how the leaves change from green to red when the weather gets cooler(our leaves stay green but fall off when it the rain stops).  He was very intrigued (and thought this was slightly silly)…but he humored us and made us our very own pumpkin patch and Benjamin and Karmyn came over to join in the festivities (Lydia is the white hat that Karmyn is holding)….

pumpkin patch 3

 pumpkin patch 2

 pumpkin patch 1



The best roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I discovered the trick to tolerably chewy pumpkin seeds is to boil them first for about 5 minutes before roasting…

Clean seeds from pumpkin

Rinse with water

Boil 5 minutes

Dry on towel 5 minutes

Spread on cookie sheet

Sprinkle with worcestershire sauce, cayenne, seasoning salt (or your own variation of spices)


Bake at 350 F for about 15 minutes (some may pop in the oven, no, not like popcorn)