After making 6 trips between Ethiopia and America with Nathan we are thankful that this past flight was the most tolerable.  Nathan did great.  The first trick to flying with a walker and a talker is buying them a seat.  Even though Nathan isn’t quite 2 we bought him his own seat.  The problem when Nathan and I were coming back from Ethiopia in June was that the seat did not contain him.  He was always climbing all over the place and asking to “go” and get “down”.  Before our flight back I did some research (of course research for me these days does not include long forms to fill out on numerous patients…but is essentially…googling).  And what I found is you don’t have let a squirming kid sit in an airplane seat with a lap belt you can bring a……

Car Seat!

 Well, that is it.  The Car seat was the perfect solution for Nathan.  Most American kids are used to spending hours in a car seat in the car and are somewhat comfortable there.  And for the most part they know they cannot get down.  This was definitely true for Nathan.  He was not always asking to get down because he was securely fastened with movies playing in front of him, but where he couldn’t reach it.  And it was easier for him to fall asleep in his seat than in our arms or the floor.  (That is another trick to long flights…let your child sleep on the floor as long as the fastened seat belt sign isn’t on 🙂

One trick…that we haven’t found the answer to…is apparently there are only certain car seats that are allowed on planes, they say something about being FAA approved.  I could not find this sticker anywhere.  And further more we had to buy a no frills seat to get it to fit into the airplane seat…something to keep in mind.  We were able to bring ours on (we bought an extra one that would fit for 45 bucks at Wal-Mart…because it was the only one narrow enough.)

Hope this helps some of you out there.  It will be interesting to see how many hits we get from searching “flying with a toddler.”  We still get about 10 hits a day from people searching “tumor” and they get Paul’s post about his crazy day.