Man in Window  Soddo Museum

we are on the count down to head back home.  we are excited to re-join our friends in Soddo.  we have loved our time here with friends and family, but have recognized that the closest thing we have to home is in Ethiopia.  actually the only house that paul and i have  ever lived in together is there. 

lydia and i have had several fun-filled (actually replace “fun-filled” with “shopping-filled”) girls days together.  paul and nathan are in kentucky on a “man-trip”.  lydia is such a good shopper, she looks around, gives me her opinion on material for kitchen curtains and then takes a nap.  then we stop to eat (yes, i am still eating every 3 hours with her.)  on a side note the best place to nurse on the run is at sonic with a diet-cherry limeade. 

in between all of the fun, we have been packing 7-8 50 pound bags. 

what is still on the to do list???…

find the living room floor under my packing mess

have tons of fun visiting with paul’s brother john and his sweet wife sarah

take nathan to get a haircut

few more vaccines for the 2 kiddos

eat more turkey sandwiches

succeed at getting a good family photo for the top of our blog

talk to my sister as much as i can before our internet slows down

fit about 10 bags of equipment, home items, kids clothes for a year and a few essentials into 6 duffels

and through out all of those things…

enjoy good food, good wine and GREAT FRIENDS!

love to you. b