Lydia birth 2Hey Everyone (its Becca),  this will be some short and sweet thoughts after Paul’s mega posts (see below for insightful thoughts).    Don’t worry…I am already encouraging him to write a book, but we need to get a few more years of experience and crazy stories to make it really good.

Since being back in the western world I have caught up on many technological advances, that I mostly ignored before.  One of course being Facebook (look me up so we can be “friends”!).  It has been fun connecting with old friends and I am amazed how on one page I can learn random facts and activities of a ton of friends from all different times in my life.  I have also experienced the miraculous, all-knowing i Phone.  It will tell me where to eat and where to turn and who to email.

And when visiting many of my friends, family members and people I hardly know…almost all of them say…”I love your blog.”  Paul has done a great job at posting a little bit of what life is like in Ethiopia.  I have mostly posted pictures of cutie pie Nathan and now Lydia (see above), but I hope to get better at giving you a little bit of an idea daily life in Soddo.

If nothing else, this blog and technology, has created awarness of the needs of Ethiopia and hopefully also a testimony to God.  Well, I discovered another technological connection today.  Somone who has been reading our blog has a great blog of her own.  Click here to read about Erin’s Rare and Beautiful TreasuresShe has done an amazing job of bringing beauty and God into our home’s through her posts.  Her blog has been nominated for a blog award and she wants to donate the money if she wins towards Soddo Christian Hospital!  So vote for her here and check out her website. (You will have to register for free before you vote.)

Thanks for voting!